Home owners mortgage/Insurance tree reports £270.00 incl VAT
Reports provide the following information:
  • Soils are checked to assess their potential to cause subsidence or heave
  • Tree survey details: Height, spread, diameter, distance from structure...
  • Tree health and safety
  • Recommended tree work operations

Subsidence claims are costing the UK insurance industry in access of £500,0000 per annum.
Tree roots may potentially cause damage to built structures, caused by direct damage or indirect damage.

Direct Damage - This is when the physical expansion of tree roots lifts paving stones, cracks walls etc. Due to the weight of a house, no amount of physical expansion will affect it but garden walls and small structures such as garages or outbuildings may be at risk.

Indirect Damage (Subsidence) - Houses which are sited on shrinkable clay soils can be affected by the natural shrinkage of the soil. This in turn can be exaggerated by tree root extraction of moisture. Clay soil shrinks as water is extracted from it and this can lead to subsidence. This action rarely results in significant damage and it is very rare for remedial action not to solve the problem. If you suspect subsidence is occurring in your property e.g. cracks appearing that open in late summer and close over the winter period, then contact your house insurer. An investigation will then be initiated and the exact nature of the damage can be ascertained and further action proposed.

Indirect Damage (Heave) - Heave is a rare occurrence that generally only happens if the tree implicated in the damage is significantly older than the property. If the soil has been desiccated prior to the laying of the foundations and is then allowed to rehydrate and swell, the subsequent uplift will take the building to above ite originally constructed level - this is "heave".

Electronic and hard copy reports can be delivered within five working days.

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