Arboricultural method assessment
Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) & Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

Following the completion of the final design layout being finalised a TPP should be prepared to include the following information:
  • Trees to be retained, clearly identified by number and marked on plan
  • Trees to be removed, clearly identified by number and marked on plan
  • Precise location of protective fencing/barriers marked on plan to identify construction exclusion zone
  • Precise location of ground protection marked on plan to identify construction exclusion zone
  • Design details of the proposed physical means of protection
  • Areas of structural landscaping to be protected
  • All protective details made available to all interested parties showing areas in which access and works may and may not take place.

It is essential to consider the following during construction operations:

  • site construction access;
  • the intensity and nature of the construction activity;
  • car parking for contractors;
  • phasing of construction works;
  • the space needed for foundation excavations and construction works;
  • special construction techniques;
  • the location and space needed for all service runs;
  • all changes in ground level
  • space for plant, crane etc...
  • space for huts, and temporary structures;
  • extent of landscape works within the RPA and their effects;
  • storage of site materials, fuel etc...
  • possible effects of liquid spillages;

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