Tree Consultant Providing Professional Arboricultural Advice across
London and the South East.

Planning for Trees on Development sites
To allow a proposed development to be sucessfully integrated with trees, providing a balanced
approach on deciding which trees to retain, and on the means of protecting these trees
during / throughout development.

- Tree Surveys to BS. 5837 (2012) - Implications Assessment - Tree Protection Plan and Method Statement

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Home owners mortgage/Insurance tree reports A homeowner's tree report can be requested by a lender as part of a mortgage application to determine
the level of risk trees and vegetation may have on the structural integrity of nearby property.  Our reports
are accepted by all mortgage providers and are produced to the standard agreed by the 'Arboricultural
mortgage and Insurance user's group' 

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Tree hazard Assessment ReportsThere are various methods for evaluating and identifying a tree's hazards/defects to minimise the risk
to an acceptable level.

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