Arboricultural impact assessment An assessment of the probable impact a proposed development may have on trees, the findings can be used to prevent development occurring or to substantially modify its design and layout.

During the design and planning stages the following factors should be taken into account:

  • The presence of tree preservation orders or conservation area protection.
  • The effect that the development proposals may have on the amenity value of trees, both on and near the site.
  • Above and below ground constraints.
  • The construction of the proposed development.
  • Whether the design can be modified to accommodate all retained trees, to include appropriate tree works that acceptably mitigate adverse effects caused by the trees.
  • Easements for underground or above ground services; highway safety and visibility splays; provisions for substations, refuse stores, lighting, signage and CCTV requirements.
  • End use of space.
  • New tree planting is acceptable mitigation for tree loss within the development proposal.
  • Avoidance of incursions into the RPA of retained trees.

Proximity of trees to structures:

  • The impact any proposed development may have on retained trees taking into account tree characteristics and condition, space and potential future growth and maintenance requirements.
  • Shading issue must be taken into account during the design stages.
  • Ample space for future growth potential.
  • Occupiers concerns over large trees close to property.
  • Leaf and fruit litter causing blockages to gullies and gutters. Fruits causing slip hazards and honeydew causing problems to surfaces and vehicles
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