Tree Survey BS:5837(2005) A Tree Survey BS 5837(2012) is a requirement of a Local Planning Authority (LPA) when building near trees. Our aim is to provide an 'Arboricultural Report' to maximise the potential of the site, whilst satisfying the requirements of all 'Arboricultural Planning Conditions'.

Information recorded:

1. The quality and value of each tree:

  • Category 'A' High quality and value
  • Category 'B' Moderate quality and value
  • Category 'C' Low quality and value
  • Category 'U' Remove. Any existing value lost within 10 years.

2. Tree Schedule:

  • Position, species, height(m), stem diam (mm), branch spread, crown height, age class, physiological condition, structural condition, amenity value, life expectancy, visible defects, management recommendations, tree constraints

3. Tree Constraints Plan:

  • The 'Root Protection Area' (RPA) of each tree plotted on a plan showing below ground constraints, in order to avoid damage to roots or rooting environment of retained trees. The RPA plotted around category A, B and C trees.
  • The spatial relationship of the proposed development to the tree(s) affects of the amount of sunlight received, the amount of sky visible from the development and the solar gain received by the development.

4. AutoCAD (dwg) Drawing:

  • Detailed drawing can be provided indicating tree positions, canopy size, and root protection areas to assist in design layout.

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